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Harm sugar 8 factors against

Almost every meal ends with our dessert: sweet tea with candy, sherbet, ice cream or chocolate. It is not surprising, because the sugar is available today, and is an excellent source of energy, since almost immediately absorbed by the body. However, it is important to remember that in addition to calories and gastronomic pleasure we get from sugary foods do. It is clear that sugar is harmful, but have you ever thought someday, what kind of damage it causes?
The rate of daily consumption of sugar
An important fact that should be taken into account: at the human body needs sugar in its pure form is not. If you are not completely ready to be sweets, the harmless daily intake of 30-50 grams of sugar.
Here are some statistics:
• Russia's daily consumption from 100 to 150 grams. Sahara;
• Americans in this regard overtake: here are typical 190-200 t. Sahara;
• Residents of European and Asian countries each day consume 60 to 85 grams. Sahara.
Products with the highest sugar content
1. Ice Cream - 20%;
2. Lemonades and soft drinks (Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite, etc.) - from 15 to 85%;
3. Ketchup - 25%;
4. Sweet yogurt - 30%;
5. Dried fruits - from 38% (prunes) to 82% (for dried apples);
6. Bars (for example, Mars) - 80%;
Also it is necessary to list the fruits and berries with a high sugar content:
1. Mango - 14%;
2. litchi fruits - 15%;
3. figs, grapes - 16%;
4. Cherry - 18%.
Harm sugar
If you eat sugar, without controlling the quantity, it is possible to face the consequences of disease and weight. Let us examine the most vivid manifestation of its harmful effects.
If you do not expend energy generated during absorption of glucose in the blood, then the following occurs:
1. The excess sugar is converted into glycogen;
2. The substance begins to accumulate in your liver;
3. If you exceed the usual norms of glycogen formed folds of fat.
False hunger
Excessive consumption of sugar is the culprit of false hunger, as well as the consequences of acts of overeating. This is due to the fact that in this situation the free radicals will prevent stable operation of neural cells responsible for appetite level. Also, an additional factor in increasing the appetite becomes a dramatic increase in the amount of glucose in the body and an equally rapid decline.
The theory is that sugar causes painful addictive was confirmed through experiments conducted on laboratory rats.
Sugar more outward signs of aging due to the fact that deposited under the skin stretching collagen layer reduces elasticity and causes wrinkles. Also, the sugar - a real magnet for free radicals, as they are known, are the primary cause of aging.
Leaching of calcium
Sugar - cause disturbances proportional coefficient of phosphorus and calcium in the body. Because of this reduced ability to absorb calcium, which leads to its deficiency, and rickets, brittle bones, nails and teeth.
Effects on the heart
Non-normalized consumption of sugar leads to a lack of thiamine (vitamin B1), and this is closely connected with such dire consequences, such as:
1. The thinning of the heart muscle;
2. Excessive accumulation of fluid;
3. Cardiac arrest.
Vitamin deficiencies
In particular, sugar robs the human body of vitamins of group B. The reason is as follows:
1. Sugar is not able to be absorbed by the body - for this it needs the vitamins of group B.
2. In the sugar these vitamins is not contained, however, in order to grasp the product, the body starts to transport them by removing the internal organs, blood and skin.
The consequences of this deficiency:
• Increased nervous irritability;
Chronic fatigue;
• Blurred vision;
• Problems with digestion;
• Anemia and similar diseases;
• Skin diseases;
• Depletion of muscle tissue;
• Heart attacks.
Impact on human immunity
The amount of sugar in the blood is directly proportional affect on the quality of the immune system. Speaking in figures, this material reduces the resistance of the immune system by 18 times. By the way, this is the entire risk of diabetes: the body is unable to metabolize sugar, and its accumulation in the immune system is weakened forever.
The occasional use of a large amount of sugar the human immune system is paralyzed for a period of up to 8 hours.
All of these effects and diseases can be easily avoided: simply reduce the amount of sugar consumed daily. Of course, we should not do radical, excluding sweet at all, refuse, for example, of tea or coffee with sugar, jam, sweet drinks and chocolate bars, preferring fruit, honey, bitter chocolate.
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