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Do not let the will of the emotions - is a weakness. Always decisive question calmly and quietly

A good leader should always try to control their emotional state. I keep repeating that it is impossible to break away and yelling at subordinates. This weakness and incompetence. The calmness, confidence and composure - the best weapon the chief. The chef is not hysterical, and mentor and master, he was not a person cries and "crazy". So my next rule is: Do not let the will of the emotions - is a weakness. Always solve questions coolly and calmly.
Why emotions at work - it is a sign of weakness?
Firstly, emotion does not help address emerging issues, especially difficult. Shouting does not correct the situation and not make the employee immediately become a diligent and careful worker. Tantrum chief only surprise, frighten or annoy the worker. Positive results will not be exact.
Second, the excess emotion - this is a manifestation of your helplessness. Your team is well aware that the cry of the head - a wholly-recognition of its inability to solve the problem. Employees will not respect the boss shouting and will laugh at him among themselves, or even discovered.
Third, the inability to control your negative emotions at work leads to the "imposition" of the negative reports on the entire workflow. Quality work in such a situation is impossible. People need to be positive, they do not come to work in order to get stress.
How to control emotions at work?
We must try to deter their vivid manifestation of irritability or anger. Work on yourself. Try to understand the cause of these emotions and fix it. Your work is important, problems and issues need to be addressed, but do it calmly and coolly stands. Not an earthquake, if the problem will not be solved immediately, why yell and emotsionirovat?
If you can not find on their own forces, or causes to restrain themselves, it helps to read professional literature, training and communication with specialists, psihologami.Samosovershenstvovanie process useful.
I do not call to keep absolutely all the emotions within yourself, so you can not do, you can simply "burn" psychologically. I'm talking about the fact that they need to control when you're working. Decided question settled the issue, go to the gym and there give vent to emotions. To vent their anger, irritation and resentment on sports equipment. You'll be healthier physically and mentally.
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