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A look at the chef's service problems

A look at the chef's service problemsVisit the restaurant associated with the majority of visitors to the holiday favorite. Starched tablecloths, expensive equipment, and fine for many visitors will make dinner in the restaurant memorable triumph. But not only that the visitors come to the restaurant. In most cases, the maitre d 'attention to the warning signs and a friendly smile waiter able to raise and maintain a great mood for the whole week.However, not all owners of this wonderful home they see the guests coming to the restaurant. Very often in the scene are those without which the holiday vacation would not be possible. They lead not only to the process of cooking, but many organizational operations that accompany the restaurant business. We are talking about the chefs. What issues concern of specialists one of the oldest professions?Ilya Lazerson author of many popular books, a leading television and radio programs, the honorable judge cooking contests, now heads the College of chefs in St. Petersburg and runs his own culinary studio.- In the West, the chef profession is more honorable than in our country. The government, unfortunately, does not address the hospitality industry. The problem retain young professionals can not be solved at the appropriate level - hence a high turnover of young personnel. In addition, the tandem of "restaurant manager and chef" has not reached its perfection in a professional disagreement. For whatever reason, the staff room and kitchen almost contradict each other? The problem - for personal preferences and excessive ambitions.Denis Martin, the best chef in Switzerland, Honorary Knight of the French Order, holder of two Michelin stars, owner of the eponymous restaurant. Martin's business card is a unique molecular cuisine, rich in culinary delights. Colleagues call him a master of surprise and delight.- Traditional cuisine to be updated with something new, interesting and memorable, so that one day visiting a restaurant, a visitor in a hurry to visit us again and again. Originality, novelty and form of presentation of dishes should be the hallmark of one institution and not lose its relevance for all of the restaurant.Alexander Skvortsov, a famous chef from Moscow, recently headed a team of chefs from Vladivostok bars.- The capital's restaurants today give preference to Russian cuisine, as opposed to the so-called "fine dining." It is possible to admire, admire, but to really get enough of Russian man can only traditional Russian cuisine. Question harvesting raw materials are often decided spontaneously, so the problem of shelf life has always been and will be relevant in the restaurant industry. If the capital cities of Europe are in for a few hours to deliver the products ordered, then deliver them to the remote uneasy with the pace and significant transportation costs. In this case, the preferred semi-frozen for storage which must be ensured a sufficient quality and quantity of the required equipment.Ilya Zhdanov, a Muscovite, a young chef with 6 years of experience, the student Barbarani Michel, now a leading member of the restaurant, "Sir." Becoming a chef at the helm of the team, he decided to completely renovate the menu.- Appetizers, seafood cuisine and dessert card will update completely. In order to make these dishes ordered, they need to bring to perfection. Focusing on the customer demand, restaurateurs and should require an appropriate level of prepared dishes, tasty and delicious. The restaurant should not only be a foreign dishes, or just traditional Russian dishes. I would like to file a Russian cuisine foreigners with "sauce" that they will appreciate its diversity and competitiveness.Leonid Shtodin, chef of New Garden, author of the unique techniques of molecular gastronomy.- The problem of professional training directly related to the quality of service. It is necessary that all the restaurant staff not only knew all the details of his work, but he loved her, cherished reputation of his establishment. Not the last role was in attendance restaurants belongs prices for finished goods. We would like to regional restaurants, cafes and bars prices did not differ from those generally accepted in the region, as opposed to capital.Sitting down at a table a cozy cafe, a visit to once again hear the affable "Good evening, Please read the menu." This means that the entire staff of institutions, and the chefs including, have to work hard and willing to provide the fruits of his work at the court of visitors.
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