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Egg protein albumin in the molecular kitchen

What is egg white albumin. Short description
Albumin - a substance that produces industrially separating the eggs whites from the yolks and drying. Dry egg white albumin is well balanced and consequently has a high nutritional value.
Using molecular kitchen albumin
Optional buy albumin in the store, you can easily do it at home. To do this, pour the protein on the silicone mat and send it in the oven to dry at low temperature: 53-56 C. It will turn into a transparent, almost glass crust that Break and grind in a coffee grinder to a powder.
Foam albumin
The use of molecular cuisine can be albumin to create bubbles. Imagine soap bubbles, but with exquisite taste. Prepare a foam of cranberry juice and garnish with a cocktail or take her to her coconut water and place bubbles on caramelized apricots cheese Thuile. Or create a foam on the basis of lychee syrup and put it on the oysters - a lot of options.
To the foam was stable and fluffy in liquid albumin and add a thickener such as a gum ksantantovaya. The main product should have a rich taste, because the foam is composed mostly of air, which makes it weak. For example, take the salt water or concentrated pomegranate or other fresh.
Albumin, egg protein analog, used to create well-irreversibly gel when mixed with other ingredients. There is a huge range of textures that can be achieved with it, but it requires a temperature accuracy, as well as during the preparation of eggs.
If we add to albumin gelling agent (gelatine, kappa or agar), and beat, the result is a dense stable foam, something like a marshmallow, depending on the consistency.
Methods of using ovalbumin protein
You can use it in two main ways: by means of rehydration and dry. To rehydrate the powder, combine 2 tsp 2 tablespoons warm water and leave so for some time. Gently mix. Do not whip if you do not want it to be instantly turned into foam. Avoid overheating, since the protein will roll immediately.
If you are using albumin to prepare the foam, also be sure to dilute it with warm liquid. Then aerate. Try to do this with aquarium compressor nebulizer or oxygen cylinders that are sold in pharmacies.
If dry powder is used to create a more concentrated flavor.
Recipe foam dry protein albumin
• 380 g of concentrated liquid, such as cranberry or pomegranate juice or coconut water;
• 1,5 g albumin;
• 1 g of xanthan gum.
Combine the liquid with albumin powder. Add the gum and mix again until it is completely dissolved. Attach a clean PVC pipe to the aquarium compressor and plug the other end into the spray mixture. Turn on the compressor and wait until foaming. Skimmer or foam with a spoon collect and pass on to the finished dish, you want to decorate.
Effects of egg albumin protein on human health
It is the basis of the protein albumin is necessary for both children and adults. This is actually the same chicken protein, only purified from bacteria and diseases that can be easily infected by eating fresh eggs, especially raw. Therefore, the replacement of natural eggs dry powder, if it is really high quality, absolutely harmless. In addition, due to ease of use and storage of albumin, culinary reviews about such a change is always the highest.
Subtleties use of egg albumin protein
• Increased acid and fat content in the bulk do not contribute to the formation of a stable and good lather.
• If the task is to make a foam with large bubbles - the use of the spray gun and a thickener required. Give time to a thickener and albumin solution in the bulk. Do not recommend using a blender, do not whip mass prematurely.
• Do not heat above 60 ° C * weight in order to avoid coagulation of albumin.
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