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The Japanese diet for weight loss: -7 kg for 13 days

The Japanese diet: basic principles
At first glance it may seem that the Japanese diet is quite exotic, if we talk about the menu. However, it is fundamentally wrong - everything is based on the basic principles inherent in the eastern culture of food. So, here they are:
1. Moderation, a small portion sizes;
2. Waiver of harmful food: candy, chips, chocolate, pastries, butter, a large amount of sugar and salt;
3. Simple scheme diet.
All products included in this diet are readily available to Russian consumers, and to find them in stores is not difficult.
The Japanese diet for weight loss: contraindications and recommendations
In order not to hurt the body, should review the guidelines and stick to them:
1. People with heart disease, kidney disease, liver and stomach, as well as nursing mothers and pregnant Japanese diet for weight loss is strictly contraindicated.
2. Before the diet requires the correct mental attitude - a few days before the start gradually to reduce portions, eliminate from the diet of sweets and fast food.
3. Save the result is possible only if the correct output.
4. Do not use the Japanese diet on a regular basis - will be enough 14-day course of twice a year. Failure to do so can lead to diseases, because the diet is not quite balanced.
5. Also follow the standard rules for each diet: Drink plenty of water, do not dine before going to bed.
The Japanese diet: draw up a list of products
So, before you begin to diet, make a shopping list by 13-14 days.
Main products:
• 1 kg chicken (fillet);
• 1 kg of lean beef without bones;
• 1 kg of lean fish (fillet);
• 20 pieces of chicken eggs.
• 2,5 kg of carrots;
• 500 grams of eggplant;
• 500 g courgettes;
• 3-5 kg ​​of fresh cabbage.
• 1 package of quality coffee (not instant!);
• 1 pack of green tea;
• 1 liter of good tomato juice (preferably home);
• 1 liter of fresh buttermilk.
In addition:
• 500 ml of olive oil, cold-pressed;
• 2 large pieces of lemons;
• 1 kg of your favorite fruits and berries (exclude grapes and bananas).
Once you have acquired all the necessary and prepare yourself to the top of the diet, you can begin to compile the menu.
The Japanese diet for weight loss: compose menu
We prepare the menu for the Japanese diet, choosing for each meal one of the options.
Options for breakfast for the Japanese diet
1. Coffee without milk and sugar (to start adding rye toast for breakfast);
2. grated carrots with a little lemon juice;
3. Green tea without sugar.
Alternate breakfast together.
Options lunches for the Japanese diet
1. Boiled or stewed cabbage, a couple of eggs;
2. Steamed vegetables, tomato juice;
3. Boiled unsalted fish, tomato juice;
4. Fish (boiled or baked), 200 grams of boiled or stewed cabbage;
5. boiled chicken without salt, salad oil;
6. boiled unsalted beef - 200 g;
7. 1 hard-boiled egg, salad from a pair of grated carrot with butter, cheese 30-50 gr.
Alternate relatively hearty meals from this set with modest portions.
Options for dinner for the Japanese diet
1. fish (fry or boil, 200 g);
2. Boiled beef (100g) and a cup of yogurt;
3. Fruit (200 g);
4. Carrots, seasoned with lemon juice and a couple of hard-boiled eggs;
5. Boiled beef (150-250 grams), a couple of eggs, fresh cabbage salad;
Note that the Japanese diet for weight loss does not involve any snacks, but between meals you can drink clean water and unsweetened green tea in any amount.
After you have finished a 14-day Japanese diet, do not be tempted to immediately move on junk food, overeat before going to bed, and so on. This not only will give you back the previous weight, but in some ways shocking your body and digestive system.
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