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Why subscribe to the newsletter of my author's website

Have a good and cheerful time of day to all. I want to draw your attention to a relatively new functionality on my copyright - this is a newsletter subscription. The button is located in the upper right corner. By clicking on it, the system will prompt you to fill in a few lines:
Name - just write your name.
E-mail - the email address where the newsletter will be sent.
Rank - of three options (chef. cook and amateur) you need to select the desired item.
City - If you live in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kazan, just select the desired city, if in another, write your city.
Date of birth - choose your date of birth.
What does registration and subscription to the newsletter give?
On your birthday, a congratulatory letter will be sent to the post office. A trifle, but nice. Perhaps with a gift.
Periodically, gifts will be sent to subscribers. For example, an invitation to a free master class in molecular cuisine or a joint study of new technologies.
The newsletter may contain new recipes, or important blogs that require your attention and comments.
Drawings of master classes or an author's product, online courses, access for the automation system.
A small gift from Food_fish_ka will be sent to each fiftieth subscriber.
New issues of Delicious newspaper and book announcements.
Who is interested in subscribing to my resource?
First of all, I will single out those who, in search of new, interesting things, are trying to develop in the culinary direction. Chefs may be interested in a joint approach to the development of new dishes and menus, cooperation in the field of restaurant business. Chefs who have a desire to get new information and knowledge, but do not have the financial ability to buy a training course, here is an excellent opportunity to get this knowledge for free. Fans can simply get interesting recipes and links to useful information, announcements in the newsletter.
The newsletter will come rarely, so don't worry about spam. Good health to all.
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