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Why chef program for catering

Automation of public catering facilities - a modern, convenient and simple. Owners of restaurants and cafes is often necessary to install software to monitor employee productivity. Do we need such a program is the chef? Of course! However, the boss requires a certain functionality. An important module in its work will be the warehouse.
Bek-office for the chief
The automation system helps the chef working in many aspects. It allows you to:
• Create menu
• Do the calculation and create technical and technological cards of dishes
• Monitor the procurement, storage and consumption of products in stock
• To prevent shortages and theft in the institution
Another plus is that the business owner can not put the blame on the chief financial losses unproven. After all movements in the warehouse and the kitchen will be recorded automatically, the data is in the system and they are transparent.
Features of the warehouse automation system module
Operations required for productive work, not all functions of the system, but only part of them.
What are the features of the system useful?
• To see and control the current stock balance, the movement of products, convenience foods, beverages (warehouse / production / sale);
• Conduct an inventory of resources (such as beverages, food, semi-finished products, using the opportunity to do a reverse shortchanging);
• Make the payment and write off those foods and drinks that have been used for cooking;
• Prepare and process of calculation cards (with unlimited nesting);
• Keep daily records of meals;
• When discarding the dishes easy to use substitute products (if needed);
• Move the data to the Accounting module;
• Transfer menu once in the cash register system.
Depending on the nature of the institution and the specific functions of the chef may be required and other programs possible.
What kind of reporting in the program for cleaning the boss need?
Of professionals accurately following reports will need:
• According to the movement of goods (balances, reserves);
• According to sales of ready meals;
• According to the demand and popularity of specific foods;
• On failure, move, delete orders;
• According to the effectiveness of the special offers on some of the dishes;
• On the cost and revenue.
Program for cleaning is a good helper for the chef, who knows the value of time and attentive to detail. automation program is effective not only in the management of the warehouse, but also in working with staff, customers and suppliers.
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