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Employee salaries and its value

All day we become members of trade relations, whether or not we want. The device for work or hiring an employee - is also quite the same deal myself, and, of course, there will be valid all the same laws of the capitalist market. Understanding this is important as an employer and an employee, so let's talk about the next rule required the chef:
Wages employee depends on its value.
Let's try to analyze in detail every fact and dimension influence my opinion on this matter
Fellow newcomer certainly eager to get a lot of money here and now, especially suffer from this disease very young and inexperienced workers. The desire, of course, quite natural, but these guys, I suggest a little cool - assuming that they know and can do everything, they run the risk of hurt-hurt hit, falling from heaven to earth.
Newcomers should be given to understand that the value of their first few weeks or months (and sometimes even years) is low. Dive into the workflow - a prolonged event that requires a lot of effort, time and ambition. A staff member will navigate to a new workplace, and colleagues used to build them full working relationship, remember the location of premises and equipment - and therefore, the first couple of weeks of productive activity can not be and speeches. Then, the worker is engaged in that delves into the intricacies of the work itself - examines routing, remembers the look of dishes, adjusts the timing.
Sluggishness beginners, slow to perceive the information, bring more trouble than good, so it just does not make sense to offer a higher salary threshold. But the most nimble and quick-witted enough to quickly penetrate the ropes and become full-fledged members of the team - in this case, it is already possible to think about changing the wage level in a positive way. And by the way, famous chefs, which boast an impeccable reputation, and sometimes even take payment from the workers themselves, who are willing to pay for solid opportunity to learn from experts in their field.
But it is worth remembering that the value of the employee can develop not only from the experience in your particular institution - of course, the chef who has worked for a dozen years in top restaurants, will cost more than yesterday's students. For example, training courses or participation in international competitions cooks will have an impact on wages, but to increase it is only after the employee will demonstrate in practice what he can do.
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