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Delicious newspaper of Roman Trusov 14

How to make jamon at home? 10 interesting facts about mealworms. Top 10 unusual products. 10 best chefs of St. Petersburg. What exhibitions will be held in 2021? Author's recipes of chefs. Top best restaurants in the world. And much more in the new issue of the newspaper.

Delicious newspaper of Roman Trusov №13

Roman Trusov chef: "Over time, I realized that the kitchen is an art, a gastronomic theater, if you want, and here you can not do without the distribution of roles. A clear taxonomy, that is the basis of the culinary achievements of the restaurant.

Roman Trusov's kitchen rules

I welcome those who have shown interest in my book. In it, I decided to mix the recipes of my author's dishes and my approach, attitude to the working process. Having formed the main essence into short rules, I will try to explain each in detail. We will look at the kitchen processes, the construction of the organization of work, the basics of motivation and much more through the eyes of the boss. Let's figure out who the chef is in the kitchen, what he should be, and what depends on him. Let's look into the heart of the restaurant-the kitchen!
Also, in my author's recipes, I will focus on a detailed description of technologies, share with you the subtleties and my ideas, which I hope will inspire you later.
I wish you easy assimilation of information. Roman Cowards.

Delicious Roman Trusov newspaper №12

And again we welcome you, our dear readers, winter is the time of New Year's holidays, family feasts. And we would like to wish you that in every house, in every family, we all - whoever is behind the stove, always cook with love for our dearest and dearest people. Whenever we cook with love, our energy is transferred to food , and in winter we like love, warmth, comfort. A small lyrical digression, and now let's again plunge into the world of cooking.

Delicious Roman Trusov newspaper №11

Let's start with the Michelin restora- at Le Calandre, its location, its features, the average check. Then we move to the Russian capital, and tell you about one of the best restaurants in Moscow. Once we have prepared for you a list of nearby culinary festivals and exhibitions, interesting recipes, new gadgets, and as always delicious puzzle. But that's not all, is in our country began to produce Camembert cheese own production, and we have prepared for you an article about the history of this cheese, cooking techniques, how and what it should be served. Also talk about healthy eating, or rather how harmful fast food noodles and mashed potatoes.

Delicious Roman Trusov newspaper №10

In this number: • While the traditional New Year salads and new ideas for 2016 • Restaurant Arzak and his chef Juan Mari Arzak history, biography and career. • Where and when are the most popular Cooking sorev- Considerations, look at some of them, advise arrangers • «Shaitanova berry" or Dogwood. Rare berry, but very useful and unusual taste. Consider where it grows, and that can be cooked out of it • What are the cheeses and what to cook, how not to be deceived in the shops and make the right choice. • As well as recipes from Po- mana Trusov, kulinar- nye gadgets delicious puzzle.

Delicious Roman newspaper Trusova №9

And our delicious traditional crossword puzzles, recipes, jokes, technology news, readers' recipes. How to gain muscle mass? The products or dietary supplements. Types of mint, application properties, such as to prepare for the winter. Restaurant This room became DiverXO. A chef David Chang.

Delicious Roman newspaper Trusova №8

The next spring the eighth edition of the newspaper A delicious delight its readers tips on how to deal with being overweight, talk about the beneficial properties of nettles and recipes from it. As always on the best chefs and restaurants. New items in the culinary world, the traditional crossword puzzle, free classifieds readers.

Delicious Roman newspaper Trusova №7

What is sumac, the story of two chefs, fine dining and specialists, crossword, trends in cooking, gadgets and anecdotes. A few words about a healthy diet, catering.

Delicious Roman newspaper Trusova №6

Interesting properties of water, all of the peppers, how to open a restaurant, a crossword puzzle, trends in the culinary world.
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