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I greet all those who have expressed interest in my book. This is the first book in which I decided to put their best recipes. Each recipe I leave a comment, write to the idea of ​​formation of dishes, cooking subtleties destination. It is no secret that the food for each event has its own format and complexity of preparation. For pet foods priority, in most cases, it is the taste. In the restaurant meals, is a detailed look into the profitability and design solutions. Dishes in the competition implies high complexity, manufacturability, design and taste dishes for catering should be tested for timing. All of these points and the destination I will point out in the comments on each dish. Important above all the philosophy courses and idea.
In his dishes I often use mikrozelen and flowers. All this can be grown not only in restaurants but also at home. There are ready-made solutions for hydroponics as proraschivateley, but you can do without them. It is enough to know the basic principles and requirements for each plant. Important factors are temperature, humidity, light spectrum, makeup, concentration of carbon dioxide in the air.
In his recipes, I try to maintain accuracy in the design, interesting flavor combinations and contrast in colors. I wish all inspired after reading my book, not to dwell on the new ideas and constantly generate them.
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