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Roman Trusov's kitchen rules

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I'm a chef. And this book is about me. About what makes me happy. About the kitchen.
The quintessence of this book - many years of work, invaluable experience and passion for self-improvement. 
Over time, I realized that the kitchen is an art, a gastronomic theater, if you like, and here you can not do without the distribution of roles. Clear systematics-that's what lies at the heart of culinary achievements in the restaurant.
I have formed my professional judgments into rules that I hope will help not only novice cooks in setting and achieving goals, but also allow already established chefs to look at their work from a different angle. And people who like cooking as a hobby, those who like to visit restaurants and enjoy food, will be interested to know what is behind the perfect dish from the photo in "Instagram".
This is my story.My rule.
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