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Roman Trusov
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Kazan, brazier And other male pleasure

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The book - is not enough that only informative and useful, not only
that is very exciting. This charming book. Starting from the
first words on the cover: it seems right that the author's name sounds on
Russian diminutive ears. With the author and book immediately
you enter into a relationship of trust - of course, because this is it, Stalik,
this defines that.
All for you, in detail and clearly, the author spares no detail, accurately and
rightly realizing that in fact only the culinary details and have
value. For general food matching grasped fast alignment
ingredients can be taken in the manual, procedures to comply
scrupulously, but the food at the same time would be inedible. Stalik pays tribute
inspired and gifted, but the emphasis is on knowledge and work. That's why
It starts from afar - not with the cooking, and a selection of dishes. "Always it is necessary to
hard bargain - the stock at the price of these huge sellers. If suddenly
offers cast iron kettle is already used, - take no
thinking: with him is much less of a hassle than with the new, and it will more and
your grandchildren. "
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