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Crispy meringue with red currant


Egg 1pc.
40g castor sugar.
5g biscuit crumb.
Pine nuts 1 g.
Blueberry jam 2g.
Sugar 100g.
Red currant 5g.
30g carrots.
1g gold leaf.
Flower kolonhoe 1pc.
Cuttlefish ink 1g.
Crispy meringue with red currant
Crispy meringue with red currant
Meringue or meringue. One egg white is enough for 20-30 pieces. Protein shake up into a thick foam, gradually adding powdered sugar. Transplant through a pastry bag to form the silicone and put in 40 minutes in the oven at 130 ° C. The bottom of the meringue breaded in blueberry jam, chips of pine nuts and biscuit.Caramel. Sugar diluted with water and boil until the caramel color. The process is very simple, but there are subtleties. I always do on the eye, the ratio of sugar and water. Important: The temperature should be high. Dishes must be clean, getting fat can spoil everything. No need to interfere in the process of cooking spoon. When working with caramel important to catch the temperature regime. Berry red currant chop on a toothpick and dip it in caramel. Extrude. Push the edge of the flower, wrap with gold leaf. Remove the toothpicks.Spiral of black carrots. Carrots cut a yarn. Blanch. Marinate in sugar syrup and cuttlefish ink. Wind up the form. Dry at 70 ° C.Garnish with mikrozelenyu and gold leaf.Levitation. The complex process. I will not explain entirely. Long. The bottom line is that the magnetic field using low temperatures and certain material falls into the trap and as the temperature remains low object hangs in the air.
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