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Crunchy carrot mousse birds


30g carrots.
Rusk bread 5g.
Egg 10g.
The land of olives 1g.
frying oil
Mousse of bird 20g.
Flowers, mikrozelen


Boiled carrots cut ring in the center to make a hole with a recess, remove the ring, breaded in flour, lezone, breaded in bread crumbs and fry. Remove the core. Fill the hole mousse. Decorate mikrozelenyu, olives, flowers.
Mousse of poultry. Boiled fillet chop blender until smooth. Bring to taste.
The land of olives. Olives crushed in Cooter to large crumbs state. Share on silicone mat and dry at a temperature of 80 ° C *. Once again grind in Cooter, season with olive oil.
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