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Roman Trusov
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Chicken breast in a crispy crust with a dressing of celery and orange


Mousse of bird 10g.
Cherry 8gr.
Confit of celery 15g.
frying oil
Egg, flour, biscuits
Flowers, mikrozelen


Mousse breaded in flour, lezone, breadcrumbs (double crumbs) and fry in deep fat. On Spoon confit, roasted croquet. A dried cherries, decorate.
Confit of celery. From 200 g. celery and 200 grams. mandarin squeeze the juice. From tangerine peel and remove cut into crumbs. The remaining celery (160g.) Cut into cubes 4 mm. Fry a little butter, add the juice of tangerine and celery, sugar. Evaporate to a proper consistency.
Mousse of poultry. Chicken fillet chop with cream and protein, salt, pepper.
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