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Sauerkraut with potatoes Baskets.


Sauerkraut 25g.Olive oil is not refined 7gr.Sugar 3g.Onions 7gr.Potatoes 5g.Basket made of dough 1pc.Flowers, mikrozelen
Sauerkraut with potatoes Baskets.
Sauerkraut with potatoes Baskets.
The recipe for sauerkraut. All fermented cabbage in different ways and in my recipe , there are some subtleties. Cutting cabbage with only a knife and as thin as possible . It affects the taste. The process itself I like, because we are working hands, do not need to think about technology, time , and organizations. We just need to think positive and just chopping , slicing honing technique and speed. Carrots can grate . Salt . Mash to release the juice. The juice is valuable , so it does not pour or throw out . If the volume is not large , you can use the three -liter jars. If we make a global procurement can take a kick or a metal pan for 50 liters . The main thing that the tank was clean. Well compacted and put under the press. Above be juice. Three days of tank should stand at a temperature of 23 - 26C * . After fermentation, the puncture , thereby to release carbon dioxide. The blank is ready, now it needs to be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of 2C * . Sauerkraut is a tremendous amount of beneficial vitamins and minerals.Sauerkraut season with chopped onion , sugar and butter.
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