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Octopus with peach and cherry yolk.


Octopus 15g.Peach 15g.Scope of cherries 15g.7gr citrus sauce.Flowers, mikrozelen
How to Boil the octopus ? Recipe. Octopus 3kg . I take the pot 20 liters. Pour 15 liters of water , celery root , orange peel , carrots , onions , parsley . In the boiling broth to lower the octopus three times. The first two times dip and take out and only the third drop in a 30- minute voyage . Before boil , cut the beak . Cook in boiling water. Octopus turns tender and soft. Chop. That octopus is not passed , I quickly stop the cooking process with the help of ice .The scope of the cherry. Evaporated to half cherry juice mixed with algin , deposited into a calcium chloride solution and washed in water .Citrus sauce . Ginger , olive oil, chili pepper , orange juice , mint . Grind , drain.Decorate with violets and mikrozelenyu .
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