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Vegetables baked in the oven with cheese


a slice of butter cake 5g.
garlic-cheese putty 5g.
fillet of fried eggplant 10g.
roasted pepper 5g.
cranberries 1pc.
Vegetables baked in the oven with cheese recipe
Vegetables baked in the oven with cheese recipe
Recipe Baked vegetables with cheese in the oven is very simple. In the beginning you need to remove the eggplant peel. Cut into slices the thickness of 5-7mm. Add salt, pepper. Few give the lie until deliver juice. Breaded in flour and fry in a well-heated frying pan in a large amount of oil. After roasting the eggplant is necessary to put on a paper towel to absorb excess fat. Bulgarian pepper bake in the oven at 190 * C during 40minut. Peel and remove seeds. Vegetables baked in the oven and the bread cut into cubes, cheese fluff putty. Cheese putty cheese grate grated garlic, mayonnaise.
Subtleties tips and cooking vegetables in the oven.
When roasting vegetables in the oven, there are certain rules, if you want to get a delicious result. Now I will describe the basic intricacies of preparing for the usual vegetables.
Potatoes are best baked in foil, right in the peel previously sprinkled with vegetable oil. Good salt and pepper mixture 5 peppers. Bake at 180 * C. The time depends on the size of baked potatoes.
Eggplant Bake at 180 * C, preferably in the upper Tena mode. Optional skins can be removed after cooking.
Pepper baked at 190 * C during 30-40minut, skin and seeds removed after baking well.
Tomatoes are perfect as they can be cooked as a whole baked at a temperature of 200 ° C * at the top tena and cut into thin rings and then baked on a silicone mat * at 80 ° C, turning thus, in their chips. You can also cut into slices, remove the seeds and bake in the coarse salt at 80 ° C *.
All the vegetables after baking are rich, concentrated flavor, they are useful and are harmoniously combined with other products.
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