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Horn with liver pate


Waffle cone
Beetroot jam with cinnamon
Chicken pate
Cream of cottage cheese
Gold salt on vervain
For decoration: carrot chips, dill powder, micro-greens, radish slices
chicken pate recipe
Horn with liver pate
Waffle cone. Flour 200 gr., sugar 30 gr., vegetable oil 40 gr., water 150 gr., soda, vinegar, salt 3 gr. Mix all the ingredients until smooth, bake in a waffle iron.
Author's jam made from beetroot with cinnamon. Bake the beets to the state of "aldente", cut into cubes, cook with sugar and cinnamon according to the classic scheme for three sets.
Chicken pate. Fry the liver, onion, carrot, garlic until tender, add cream, salt, pepper. Grind in a blender until smooth.
Cream of cottage cheese. Cheese "Buko" mix with cream 33%, salt to taste.
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