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Roman Trusov
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Beetroot "Severen" with sprats, crispy carp and garlic cream


Beet Severen 18gr.
Croquet 12gr of carp.
Garlic cream 2g.
3g Bread.
Flowers, mikrozelen
Oil for frying


Croquet fry in deep fat until golden brown, put on beetroot Severen, using a pastry bag to squeeze out the garlic on top of the cream. Share on a slice of bread and garnish.
Croquet carp. Meat carp scroll several times through a meat grinder, salt, pepper. Roll the balls, breaded in flour, lezone, breadcrumbs.
Beet Severen. Forms silicone grease with a thin layer of oil. Beets baked in their skins until cooked. Rub on a small grater. Sprat wet paper towel to get rid of oil, mash with a fork. Mix beets, sprats, add the grated garlic, lemon juice. Bring to taste. Massa put in a silicone mat, cool.
Garlic cream. Grated garlic, mix with mayonnaise and cheese until smooth. Put in a pastry bag with a star.
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