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Udon with ventricles and clover sprouts

Classical udon noodles with quail ventricles and small onions. Wok dishes are distinguished by their quick cooking, taste and simplicity. Bright taste of this dish gives the sauce, it was he who leaves the salty-sharp notes aftertaste.

Viper suburban couple with zucchini and parsley root

The dish is made of local, country products, focused on a diet cooking methods.

Crispy croquettes carp Gollandez sauce

Different product structure make it an interesting and tasty dish. Not difficult to prepare and return the dish.

Rice porridge with sea cocks and tomatoes

Dish is more suitable for restaurant menu or home delivery. Technologically complex not in returns, the emphasis on taste.

Ebi tyahan

How to cook rice in Asian style? It's very simple, it can be done cheaply and quickly to the right houses. Read the recipe and try it.

Pork Guangzhou Funchoza

One of my favorite Chinese dishes, as no country is in the south of China, did not find it in the menu of local restaurants. But in the Russian restaurants with Chinese cuisine a hit sales. The dish can be easily prepared at home, the main thing to stick to the right technology. After reviewing housewives recipes on the internet, I was appalled that there presented. See Guangzhou classic recipe on my site.

Rice with chicken and french fries

Budget dish that you can sell a little more expensive due to the feed. Classic Asian flavor solutions and ease of cooking in a wok.

Squid with rice noodles and seaweed Chuka

Easy to prepare Asian dishes. Suffice budget option. The whole emphasis on taste and rate of return.

Ika tempura maki with chukoy

Hot roll in the crisp favorite treat of many fans of Asian cuisine.

Buckwheat noodles wok with chicken hearts

Asian cuisine is beautiful in its simplicity and taste. In the recipe there is no emphasis on design. Pure taste.
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