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Vongole with egg noodles and tomatoes

The standard story of the wok. A good combination, I love this area. Quickly prepares a dish, I advise you to try to cook at home.

Croquettes chanterelle with turkey pate

The three components in a dish set flavoring scale. Dish frying beer. Enough nutritious. Crisp, soft sauce. The recipe is simple and suitable for home cooking.

Lamb with wheat porridge, tartar sauce, cucumber and tomato

Budget option of hot dishes from local products. Wheat cereals in the form of a ball stock adds an interesting angle to this dish. Pipette with fragrant oil provides a choice, you can flavor components as desired.

Barley porridge with pork meatballs and crispy cherry sauce

Kashi in Russia were popular and in demand. Barley porridge in our time is not popular, many have forgotten this product. In this recipe, I want to show a low cost meals and excellent taste. This dish is still quite nutritious and satisfying.

Beet sticks with chicken sauce and powdered blackcurrant

Usually we are accustomed to see the chicken as the main product with a dense structure, for example, nuggets or pieces prepared by «sous-vide» technology. This recipe is not so familiar - chicken meat in the form of mousse, garnished with crispy crust and generally get interesting.

Pozharsky cutlet with buckwheat and cream

Russian, familiar products, small costs. Fresh bread, cut into cubes, breaded, gives crisp, grated and frozen butter and mix with minced meat, gives an unforgettable taste and juiciness. The Russian cuisine are so many interesting flavors and combinations of technologies which need to remember and recover in step with the times and fashion.

Tender meat catfish with mashed potatoes and onion rings

Fish, catfish, crispy crust with mashed potatoes and a tomato juice, so at home. This taste, it seems to me, laid already in our genes. The most that neither is a Russian cuisine. Dish add to your site only because of the taste.

Chanterelle Chicken with mashed potatoes and cheese-cream sauce

Recently, I catch myself thinking that you need to gradually give up meat for alternative products. Animal fat, high temperature, cholesterol, and further consequences in our short life really is nothing. Mushrooms and chanterelles in particular is exactly the alternative product, which is not modified, collected in the forest, in the season you can make free reserves. In addition, mushrooms - enough high-calorie product, and helpful, and if prepared correctly, also very tasty.

Kiev cutlet with mushroom sauce and turnips

Not quite the classic cutlet Kiev, but no less tasty and tech in terms of labor costs. Tucked in the middle of the sauce and garnish down by a plate - heavy chop, add juiciness. But at the same time it is the most complex element in the dish. A little more sauce will float design, so must always be harmony.

Catfish with turnip and parsley.

What is the trick, you ask? Products! Our, native.
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