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Spaghetti Balonezo.


Pasta carbonara with black spaghetti.

Had to change a little bit classics. I added the mushrooms, bacon, cream, chicken, black spaghetti. In short products are not typical of classic pasta carbonara. Cost and can change the name, but in this case, 95% of the restaurants will have to do the same thing as the classic pasta you are unlikely to find.

Medallions of beef with grilled vegetables.

In this simple and casual meals taste great balance and weight. This is the portion weight can enjoy the taste of this dish, no dulling receptors.

Patties of minced salmon with roasted vegetables and a cream sauce.

The successful combination of taste, an interesting pitch, game scents

Sea bass with vegetables on a pair of champagne.

Ideas from my menu. A simple diet dish.

Four cheese risotto.

creamy aldente

Risotto with smoked meat, pork and julienne zucchini.

Served with seasoned cheese «Grana Padano» and diced roasted beets.

Amber trout, steamed champagne with mashed root of Jerusalem artichoke.

Served with julienne of zucchini and rustic sauce of champagne.
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