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Crab «Severen» with trout and saffron sauce.


olive oil - 8gr.
butter - 6gr.
white wine - 20gr.
salt - 2gr.
spices - 2gr.
perch - 100gr.
garlic - 2gr.
rice noodles - 2gr.
spinach - 4gr.
trout - 210gr.
eggplant - 30gr.
eggs - 1piece
cream 33% - 30gr.
сheese motsareolla - 14gr.
shallot - 50gr.
mushrooms - 50gr.
crab meat - 26gr.
spaghetti - 6gr.
recipe Crab «Severen»
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Boil spaghetti till half ready, roll with the help of a silicone pan. Freeze. Crab meat, champignons, shallot onion – cut brunoised, fry in vegetable oil. Add cream, cheese – cool the mixture. Add egg yolk and beaten-up egg white. Add this mixture to a shaped pan with frozen spaghetti, but leave some space free. Add poached spinach in a layer. Freeze. Make mousse from the remains of trout with egg white, cream and poached spinach. Fill the shaped pan with the mousse till the end. Put poached spinach on the trout fillet, slice of aubergine slightly fried and rubbed with layer of poached spinach. Roll into a ring and oil it. Steam with white wine. Steam frozen crab «Severen» till ready. Make broth of okushoks. Fry onion, champignons. Add wine, broth, cream. Boil it down. Strain it. Add poached saffron. Decorate with chips of rice noodles, aubergine peel, spaghetti. All types of chips are deep-fried. Put chips of carrot onto chips of spaghetti. For this purpose dry carrot thread at 60*С.
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