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Ebi tyahan


Tiger prawns 20g.
Flour, egg, breadcrumbs
Vegetable oil 20g.
Figure 20g.
27gr carrot.
Onion 26gr.
Garlic 6gr.
Sesame oil 5g.
Wakame seaweed 5g.
Soy sauce 22gr.
Tartar sauce 35gr.
Cherry tomatoes 15gr.
The land of olives 1g.
Lemon 16gr.
frying oil
Flowers, mikrozelen


Shrimp peeled, leaving tails, make an incision on the back, wash. Make incisions in the abdomen pull. To salt, pepper, breaded in flour, lezone, breadcrumbs. Fry in deep fat no more than 2min. Dry on paper towel. Boil the rice until aldente, rinse with cold water. Carrots grate, fry with onions, garlic. Add rice, steamed wakame seaweed sesame oil, soy sauce, raw egg, sprinkle with lemon juice. Garnish with cherry tomatoes, mikrozelenyu.
The land of olives. Olives crushed in Cooter to large crumbs state. Share on silicone mat and dry at a temperature of 80 ° C *. Once again grind in Cooter, season with olive oil.
Tartar sauce. Boiled egg, cucumber cut into small cubes, mix with grated garlic, lemon juice, shred dill mayonnaise.
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