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Telapii fillet with pumpkin and apples.


200g fillet telapii.
Pumpkin 100g.
Apples 100g.
Honey 10g.
Lemon juice 10g.
1zv star anise.
Cranberry 10g.
Caesar sauce 50g.
Lemon 20g.
Land olive 3g.
Basil chips 1g


Fish fillets evacuated with olive oil, thyme, with 5 peppers. Steamed at 80 ° C * for 15 minutes. Fry to return to the oil mixture. Pumpkin with apples cut into cubes, boil for some time with the lemon juice, Dittany, honey.
Recipe basil crumbs. Biscuit mix with basil chlorophyll. To do this, basil crushed in water, strain, gradually heated until it happens bonding chlorophyll. Strain using a paper towel. Serve with sauce "Caesar". Garnish with olives from the ground.
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