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Buckwheat noodles wok with chicken hearts


Buckwheat noodles 30g.
Vegetable oil 50g.
Chicken hearts 67gr.
Canned Beans 20g.
Onion 24gr.
26gr carrot.
Garlic 7gr.
Sprouts 9gr beans.
Chia seeds 1g.
Soy sauce 18gr.
Sesame oil 11gr.
Flowers, parsley


Chicken hearts evacuated with soy sauce, cook for 2 hours at 70 ° C *. Boil noodles. In wok pour oil, heat. Sauté the onion, carrot, garlic, bean sprouts, add sesame oil, hearts, noodles, chia seeds, canned beans. Decorate.
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