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Sea bass with vegetables on a pair of champagne.


Young steamed vegetables p.f 80g.Butter 10g.Sea bass fillet 80g.1g saltA mixture of peppers 1g.Balsamic Cream 3g.Caviar 6g.Salt black p.f 1g.Flowers Archidom 1g.Creamy seafood sauce p.f 30g.Watercress salad 1g.Soviet Champagne 50g.
Slices perch season with salt and pepper, put in a round shape with parchment. For a couple with champagne at T 80 ° C 15 minutes. In the end, add the butter. We spread the middle of the plate ready perch fillets, pour the cream and fish sauce, place the vegetables around it according to the photo. Garnish with watercress salad, black salt and balsamic cream. Vegetables: patisonchiki, mini corn, carrots, potatoes, cabbage bryuselskaya. At the end of the cover glass sphere with the smoke of fruit trees.
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