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Succulent duck breast with apple cream and cranberry sauce.


Duck fillet 120g. Apple cream p / f 40g. Porto sauce p / f 30g. Cranberry 5g. Vegetable oil 20g. Fine salt 2g. A mixture of 5 peppers 1g. Salad Friese 5g. Watercress salad 1g. Flowers 1g.
recipe for apple cream

Duck fillet fry on both sides until golden brown, brought to readiness in the appliance at t = 180 (heat) 6-7 minutes of roasting degree MEDIUM RARE. Cut into slices and spread all around the plate. Topped with apple cream. Recipe for apple cream. Of the cored apple with a special knife, make an incision in the skin in several places. Center fill with sugar. Put in the oven at 180 ° C *. When you are ready to grind in a blender, rub through a sieve. Decorate the frieze. Sliced ​​duck fillet pour warmed porto sauce, with the addition of cranberries. Recipe sauce «Porto»: demi glace sauce In the Add Port, honey.
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