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Pork Guangzhou Funchoza


Pork ham 60gr.
Canned Pineapple 22gr.
18gr carrot.
Onion 17gr.
Starch 11gr.
Flour 16gr.
Egg 22gr.
Milk 22gr.
Tomato paste 17gr.
Salt pepper
frying oil
Funchoza 33gr.
Flowers, greens
Black salt


Pork cut into pieces 1.5-2sm. Tenderayzerom soften the meat, salt, pepper. Breaded in starch, dip in batter and fry in deep fat. Drain on paper towel. Carrots, onion finely chopped, to brown, add the tomato paste, juice of pineapple, pineapple slices, starch. Bring to a sauce consistency. Add pork protomai 5 min. Funchoza boil, mix part of the pork. Decorate Funchoza fries, black salt.
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