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Vongole with egg noodles and tomatoes


Vongole 30g.
Egg noodles 25g.
Cherry tomatoes 24gr.
11gr sprouts beans.
Funchoza 6gr.
11gr carrot.
Garlic 7gr.
Onion 12gr.
Soy sauce 22gr.
Sesame oil 11gr.
Vegetable oil 50g.
Canned beans 18gr.
Mikrozelen 1g.


Noodles boil for 4 minutes. In a wok fry the onion, garlic, carrots. Add sprouts, cherry beans, shellfish, noodles, soy sauce, sesame oil. Garnish with a scoop of Funchoza fries, this Funchoza break, put in a strainer for tea in the form of spheres and fry in heavily red-hot oil.
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