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Caramelized peaches with new cheese and yagel

A successful tandem of young cheese and peach, I added marinated, in a hot and sweet sauce, yagel. I made this dish on individual training. Very easy to prepare dish with a successful combination of taste notes. Yagel collected and sorted in the forest itself. It adds a certain exclusivity to this dish.

Chocolate pancakes with Apple jam and cinnamon

Dish from the series on Shrovetide. Crispy meringue with rose and spicy Apple confit combined with juicy berries. Fresh, hot pancakes just from the pan, greased with rustic butter. Great reason for Breakfast. Isn't it?

Chocolate pancakes with Sabayon cream and fresh berries

Шоколадные блинчики с кремом сабайон и свежими ягодами

Ice cream sundae with fries and actinides

This interesting combination of potatoes and sweet ice cream is surprising. With the help of technology, it is difficult to recognize potatoes in this dish, which is more like berry twigs. A unique product-Actinidia with a record content of vitamin C and a unique taste. A simple and unusual dessert for home use or on the restaurant menu.

Crispy meringue with custard, chips of wheat and peach

Melting in the mouth, crispy meringue and delicate peach, a classic combination is sufficient, except millet in the form of chips. Custard perfectly complements the overall composition. In my view, it was a good dessert with excellent taste.

Sponge cake with sour cream and white chocolate

Actinidia, biscuit, cream, white chocolate and ordinary at the same time good flavor combination. The rest is only a supplement.

Cheese casserole

One of my favorite dishes for breakfast. Affordable meal, easy to prepare, can be made in advance. Serve with basil essential oil, in the design using a seedling basil.

Fruit salad of pineapple melon and mini watermelon yellow

While in the summer season at the Black Sea coast, it would be foolish not to take advantage of local products. I never tasted yellow watermelon and pineapple mini melon. It turned out quite interesting for breakfast. Local churchkhela course very disappointed. Solid chemicals, dyestuffs, thickeners. Sellers brazenly deceiving the eye, a natural issue for the dried juice. Yellow watermelon, I suppose, is genetically modified. Leaving part of the table, Drosophila began cautiously tasted it only three days later. Taste usual watermelon. Nevertheless, berries and fruit for breakfast in combination with a long-playing (complex) carbohydrates, such as oatmeal, highly recommend.

Sponge cake with cream

I did cake for a year child. The result was surprisingly delicious. Interesting technology as interesting

Ice cream with prunes

Sometimes the house wants ice cream.
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