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Roman Trusov
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Trio of green tea jelly, sea buckthorn and blueberries with cherry sauce.

Beautiful dish decorated with gold and caramel. In my opinion, everything turned out

Pumpkin cream with pistachio ice creamм

Served with blueberry crumble and apple jam.

Hercules pudding with raspberry jam and pistachios.

Enough time consuming dish, but very delicate in structure and cheap.

Charlotte of apples.

I want to show how it may look simple dish on the dishes series «black ghost» effect flavoring.

Basket of dough with feta.

Crumbly pastry with fruit, chocolate and cheese. Great combination before which is difficult to resist.

Sponge cake with gold dust

Not a complicated cake, cost-effective in all plans. Here I want to show the technique of working with stencils.

Physalis candy with chocolate caramel cocoon

Great idea came to me to make such sweets, and most importantly unexpectedly. Everything happened quickly, easily and effectively.
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