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Sponge cake with sour cream and white chocolate


Biscuit 33gr.
Sour cream 25% 22 g.
Sugar 15 gr.
Jam Actinidia 21gr.
Gelatin 2g.
Chips blueberry 2 pcs.
Bilberry frozen 16gr.
Frosting white or chocolate 33gr.


A form to fill in warm jam Actinidia with the soaked gelatine. Allow to cool. Top with a slice cut to fit the biscuit. The rest of the biscuit crumble and grind with sour cream, sugar, blueberries. Put into a mold. Turn the form and get the cake. From chocolate to make two tiles and decor by using tape and confectionery kornetika. Garnish with chips.
Biscuit. Protein Whip with sugar, add egg yolks flour, ripper. Bake at 190C * - 30min.
Chips blueberry. From spring rolls cut into circles with plastic cutters, soak in bilberry juice. Dry. Fry in deep fat.
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