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Hercules pudding with raspberry jam and pistachios.


Hercules flakes 20g.
Milk 100g.
1g salt.
5g sugar.
Raspberry jam 10g.
Raspberry 5g.
Caramel 4gr.
Pistachio 4gr.


The main feature of this dish is in the pudding of Hercules. Herculean pudding recipe. Oatmeal pour milk, crushed blender and leave overnight in a cool place to infuse. Strain, squeeze the cake. The resulting mass contains a large quantity of starch, when heated begins to create a thicker consistency. Pour the mass in the silicone mold, cover with plastic and put on a steam oven at 80 ° C *. Cool, get out of shape. Decorate. The following feature - the decor of the caramel. Work with caramel has many subtleties, most of which should be shown in practice and it is sometimes very difficult to explain in theory.
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