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Tiramisu with chocolate cheese sauce.


Egg 2 pcs.Sugar 50 oz.250g mascarpone cheese.Cookies Savoyardy p / f 80 g.Brewed coffee ground 40 gr.Water 100 gr.Caramel p / f 50 oz.Gelatin plates 6 gr.Coffee Liqueur 10 gr.Caramel decoration p / f 50 oz.Chocolate sauce with gorgonzola 50 oz.30 g fresh strawberries.Flowers 1 pc.Gold leaf, mikrozelen.
Tiramisu with chocolate cheese sauce.
Tiramisu with chocolate cheese sauce.
Tiramisu .
1) Protein whip with a small amount of sugar. Stabilize "liquid" caramel. Caramel trickle enter into protein when running mixer. So we did not get a dense foam falling off .
2) The yolk with sugar , add the mascarpone cheese . Interfere in the water bath until smooth.
3) soaking in cold water, gelatin, yolk mixture to melt and mix with the protein.
The finished cookies savoiardi , soak in the coffee liqueur . To lay out the forms , fill tiramisu PF Remove the refrigerator.
When serving pour the sauce into a bowl , put the tiramisu, decorate with strawberries , caramel , flowers , gold, mikrozelenyu .
Chocolate sauce with gorgonzola .
50 oz. Chocolate, 50 g. 33% cream , 15 gr. gorgonzola cheese . All components of the melt in a water bath , whisking whisk until smooth.
Savoyardy cookies .
Separate the yolks from whites (3 eggs) , beaten separately to a thick consistency with the addition of sugar ( 250gr. ) . mix both obtained mass. In the finished weight to add the flour ( 150gr. ) , wooden spatula stir not trampling . We introduce a ready mass in cond . bag and lay out on a parchment-covered protven . put in a pre -heated to 200C parokovektomat . for 10 minutes.
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