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salads and cold appetizers


Cucumbers stuffed with mackerel

A relatively new dish in my menu, a video recipe, can be viewed in the appropriate section. Harmonious taste, structure, interesting design. What else do you need for the restaurant menu?!


Those who live in Latin America, the Japanese began to carve seafood and fish laying on a plate, tucking a bright dressing. The dish is a bit like ceviche, sashimi, carpaccio. Light lime sour, juicy meat shrimps, little pripalennoe burner and crispy Funchoza make this dish unique.

Sushi with trout and soft curd cheese

The new sushi concept, Peruvian-Japanese direction

Carrot salad with caviar Halibut

The most common carrots with garlic and mayonnaise in addition caviar halibut and sea cock.

Asparagus with squid and zest of citrus and cucumber

Salad of asparagus Korean-style squid. Zest gives the dish a special flavor.

Garlic-anchovy sauce with shrimp, garlic chips and cucumber

In this dish the main character - a sauce. It was he who sets the basic taste of the dish. Other products only successfully harmonize and define additional notes gastronomic palette. Thin shavings of fresh cucumber is refreshing, juicy slices of tiger shrimp give the density of the dish, and the crunch of potato chips. A combination of different patterns, the prevalence of acute aftertaste allow successfully complement the taste of a light lager.

Salad with crab sticks and pickled radish

Standard taste lettuce, decided a little beat. He adds zest to a blueberry foam and pickled radish. Corn chips crunch dilutes the consistency of salad.

Shrimp chips with turkey liver and vinaigrette

Cold appetizer with different consistencies of the product, a little crunchy, soft, structured. The familiar taste, seasoned with new culinary touches.

Herring under a fur coat in the form of roll recipe

I did herring under a fur coat in the home version. I propose to consider over the rolls.

Citrus salad with arugula, shrimp and Camembert cheese.

Accompanied by mustard dressing. Convenient to eat with chopsticks, Chinese-style.
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