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salads and cold appetizers


Avocado with scallop

The dish was made at the next individual training. the trick is to flavor the salt that serves as a pillow for the sink where the salad is located. Prudent guest. Harmonious design. Convenient to eat. Tech is not a complicated dish.

Mackerel with mozzarella and avocado

Another dish with individual training. At the dacha made a stand of birch. In a quail eggshell planted then if. Three small shots per bite, buffet and Banquet option. Pipette with sauce for an independent balance of taste, although more still for show-off, since everything is already brought to harmonious combinations.

Herring under a fur coat

This is also a summer story, although the salad itself is winter. Whatever you do, but the salad is top-End and is in demand and popular in the restaurant menu. Once good profitability and excellent sales - you need to enter in the menu. The only problem is, all the standard feeds are pretty boring. Came up with this. All as in the classics, the core of herring with pickled onions, layers of mayonnaise and other layers.. I thought it looked interesting. (you can judge) but there were difficulties with technology and efficiency. A very delicate ball, breaded in currant powder, a kind of highlight. When impact was needed to provide accurate calculations for the cooks in the cold shop. The feed made the whole process of giving back a little more complicated, so we had to reformat the design.

Carp mousse with vegetable vinaigrette

On cold aromacare chips from turmeric and vegetables, mousse of carp. This dish was made on tour in Kazan, the format of a gastro dinner in four hands. The idea was interesting, but the dish does not last long, so the feed should be instant. The thing is that the cold smoke chips quickly become less crispy. Another feature of this position : before making the carp mousse, the meat was marinated in a special aggressive dressing, it completely destroyed the small bones in the fish.

Asian tuna with Kari pudding, plum and turnip confit

I came up with this recipe in the summer of 2019. an Interesting combination, many guests asked: "Oh, what are these spicy-sharp balls?"or" is it a turnip??? "Yes, this is our turnip. Good design and originality brought this position to the top. It even made the cover of the menu.

Cucumbers stuffed with mackerel

A relatively new dish in my menu, a video recipe, can be viewed in the appropriate section. Harmonious taste, structure, interesting design. What else do you need for the restaurant menu?!


Those who live in Latin America, the Japanese began to carve seafood and fish laying on a plate, tucking a bright dressing. The dish is a bit like ceviche, sashimi, carpaccio. Light lime sour, juicy meat shrimps, little pripalennoe burner and crispy Funchoza make this dish unique.

Sushi with trout and soft curd cheese

The new sushi concept, Peruvian-Japanese direction

Carrot salad with caviar Halibut

The most common carrots with garlic and mayonnaise in addition caviar halibut and sea cock.

Asparagus with squid and zest of citrus and cucumber

Salad of asparagus Korean-style squid. Zest gives the dish a special flavor.
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