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salads and cold appetizers


Seasonal berries with mozzarella cheese and strawberry Espuma.

At the height of summer perfectly to enter the menu seasonal offers. Espuma of fresh strawberry, blueberry cake discover new facets of taste.

Mimosa salad with pike caviar.

New faces in the old. I wanted to brush up on all the known Mimosa

Caprice with nettle pesto.

Dish of nettles special offers. As it turned out nettles can make a lot of interesting and tasty dishes.

Octopus carpaccio with herbs and ginger-citrus dressing.

In this dish the focus is on preparing octopus, light notes of ginger and orange zest give this dish.

Octopus in lanspike with olives, bread charcoal and horseradish sauce.

How funny would not sound sauce, the whole trick of this dish in the richness of the concentrated broth of rudd.

Herring under a fur coat

This classic recipe, I decided to replay the pitch.

Terrine of rabbit with mustard cream

In addition to the crispy bread chips and goat cheese.

Salad with nettles and fragrant apricot filled with sunflower oil.

Served with grapes and celery granite.

"Caesar" salad with chicken.

Recipe for Caesar salad with chicken.

Prawns for a couple of champagne with mashed avocado.

Combined cherry sauce and red grapes.
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