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salads and cold appetizers


Trio of zucchini, carrots and artichoke with feijoa.

Dressed with different sauces and served with a tar-tar protein.

Spicy cheese pancakes with homemade aspic.

Served with persimmon salad and artichoke.

Salmon mousse with a filling, olives and nuts.

Served with watercress salad and flowers of Kalanchoe.

Salad with crab sticks.

Classic salad with crab sticks.

Fresh tomatoes, smoked chicken with garlic and cheese.

Homemade mayonnaise seasoned with corn salad leaves.

Flower salad with grilled pork cooked, ripe tomatoes, beets and Camembert cheese.

Fritters served with zucchini, garlic and mix of salads.

Easy mix fizalisom salads, strawberries and mandarin dressing.

Diet based on arugula salad, frize, corn salad. Filled with tangerine sauce and berries.

Bluefin tuna slices with fresh salad leaves and dressing with the addition of sake

Served with grapefruit, juicy cape gooseberry and young leaves of beets.

Salad "Greek" with sauce "Pesto" and the land of the olives.

This salad is a great value for money and cutting vegetables. In a large cutting they are juicier. The correct "Pesto" on the basilica with pine nuts and Parmesan cheese perfectly emphasizes the freshness of this salad.

Salad "Olivier" to grouse.

All known "Olivier." There are many different innings this salad worked through. Here is one of the options.
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