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The duo of lobster and octopus with ginger gel on strawberry brenuaze.


Lobster claw 1pc.
Octopus 40gr.
Strawberry 60g.
Cucumber 20g.
Filling ginger-citrus 10g.
Gel 15g ginger.
Pistachio 2g.
Paper tofu 1g.
Blackberry Crumb 20g.
Watercress salad 2 pcs.
Balsamic cream 2g.


Multicomponent dish with plenty of subtleties and technologies. Recipe for cooking lobster. In boiling, salted broth of roots, herbs and citrus - to lower lobster. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise the meat will dry. Next complexity to get the meat from the claws. It will require a special scissors that should make a few cuts and carefully remove the meat. In the center of the claw is membrane, which should also be removed.
Recipe for cooking octopus. I take fresh frozen octopus weighing 2-3kg. Just lower it into the boiling broth from the roots and herbs. In the broth I add parsley, stalks of mint, orange zest, celery, parsley stems, black pepper, salt. Cook octopus need about 30-40minut. Some add cork from wine, copper tube. To be honest, I do not understand why do it!
Strawberries cut into cubes, mix with ginger and citrus dressing. Recipe ginger-citrus dressing: Olive oil is not refined blender grind with ginger, honey, tangerine juice. Add thinly sliced tangerine peel.
Interesting technology with ginger gel. I take out of the marinade and pickled ginger. Usually it is poured into a Japanese sushi bars. Add the melted gelatin in a ratio of 70g juice 5g of gelatin and put in a blender to stray. The temperature drops and the foam starts to become denser. At this point, we shift into a silicone form part of the juice is left beneath. The upper part of the foam sprinkled stab pistachios.
Paper tofu, do kulёk and fill it with blackberry crumble. Recipe blackberry crumb: Frozen blackberries squeeze juice mixed with biscuit crumbs. Dry. Grind, blackberry bring fresh juice to desired consistency.
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