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Roman Trusov
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Tartar of scallops with watermelon and angel hair carrot.


Scallop 80g. Watermelon 40g. Feta cheese 5g. Carrot 25g. Arugula 1g. Oranges 22gr. Flowers 1pc. Mikrozelen 1g. Wine jelly 50g. Land of olives 1g. salt pepper Lemon juice, olive oil


Scallop cut into cubes, add watermelon, lemon juice, salt, pepper, olive oil. In extreme recesses, pour wine jelly. For this wine is evaporated at 3.2 with agar agar. Part pour into a cocktail straw. Watermelon evacuate at a value of 55, if the vacuum machine household type can be evacuated several times until the watermelon will not change the color and consistency. Crop in the form of a rectangle, one side of breaded in the land of olives. Using a pastry bag to decorate with feta cheese. Cappellini of carrots. Carrots cut by a machine in the form of angel hair. Marinate with oil, lemon juice. Of orange cut segment. Decorate mikrozelenyu, arugula, violet flower.
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