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Caprice with nettle pesto.


Cherry tomatoes 70 gr.Mozzarella cheese 50 oz.40 g nettle pesto.The land of olives 7 gr.Red onion 10 gr.Chips nettle 1 oz.Leek 2 gr.Carrot chips 1 oz.Mikrozelen 1 oz.Radish 3 oz.
Caprice with nettle pesto.
Caprice with nettle pesto.
The land of olives: olives crushed, dry at 80 degrees for a few hours, season with olive oil, a mixture of 5 peppers.Nettle chips. Dairy nettle leaves for a few seconds dip in the heated oil. Allow to dry on a napkin.Nettle pesto. Just like in the classics, but instead of basil leaves nettle.On a plate lay a strip of land. On the half shell olives cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, slices of radish, frozen chateau nettle pesto. Garnish with onion rings, carrot chips.
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