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Shrimp chips with turkey liver and vinaigrette


Shrimp chips 10 gr.
Turkey pate 45gr.
Vinaigrette 60g.
Sauce 5g beet.
Green peas 4gr.
Popcorn 3pc.


Make a smear of sauce on the dumplings of shrimp paste to install chips with vinaigrette. Garnish with blanched peas, popcorn.
The vinaigrette. Beets, potatoes, carrots, boiled in their jackets, peel, cut boiled vegetables, pickles, sauerkraut cube. Stir, season with butter.
Shrimp chips. Lower in heavily red-hot oil.
Terrine of turkey. Liver fry in heavily red-hot frying pan with onions, carrots, bring to taste with salt, a mixture of peppers, crushed in Cooter with butter and garlic.
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