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Cooley of tiger shrimp and watermelon soft cheeses


Tiger prawns 50g. Buko cheese 170g 33% cream 50g. 80g feta cheese. Watermelon 200g. 5g gelatin. Land olive 3g. Pine nuts 3g. gold food Salt, a mixture of 5 peppers vegetable oil thyme Tarragon 4g. Basil, flowers


Halves of shrimp marinate with salt, pepper, thyme oil. Fry. Cheese beech, mixed with 30g of cream. Add the shrimp. Lay the first layer. Allow to solidify. Place the chateau of watermelon. Watermelon juice to heat, dissolve gelatin, add the chopped tarragon. Pour over second layer. Feta mix with the remaining cream, add a third layer. Decorate land of olives, golden nuts, basil flower.
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