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Chicken steamed with goat cheese and cherry tomatoes.


Mousse of steam chicken breast 20g.Cherry tomatoes 20g.Goat cheese with a grainy mustard 20g.Cucumber 7gr.Lemon-garlic gel 7gr.Cherry Cream 2g.Red bell pepper 2g.Black pepper 2g.Carrots 5g.Watercress salad 1g.Pepper oil 2g.Flowers 1g.
Chicken steamed with goat cheese and cherry tomatoes.
Chicken steamed with goat cheese and cherry tomatoes.
Mousse of steam chicken breast. Boil the chicken for a couple. Grind using a blender with the cream and bring to taste with salt, pepper mixture . Rub through a sieve. Heat to 40 ° C * , enter the melted gelatin. The mass of transplant through the piping bag in a prepared quail shell. Chill. Carefully clean . Set on a slice of cherry tomato .The whole cherry tomatoes on top of an incision , using shatoshnitsy remove entrails. Pour the lemon- garlic gel.Goat cheese with a grainy mustard. Soft goat cheese mixed with grainy mustard. Two teaspoons form knelku .Fresh cucumber into thin on the slicer , turn .Lemon- garlic gel. In olive oil, add the juice and finely chopped orange zest , lemon juice, garlic, honey , salt, chili pepper , a mixture of peppers , pectin . A little warm .Cherry cream. Cherry juice evaporate over low heat until thick consistency .The decor of red and black pepper. Thin, sharp knife to remove the top layer of bell pepper. Cut into thin strips . Let stand in cold water.Strands of carrot chips do . The rest of the thread on a plate .Pepper oil . Vegetable oil blender with crushed pepper . Let stand . Decant the top.
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