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Cucumbers stuffed with mackerel


Fresh cucumbers 150 gr.
Avocado cream 30 gr.
Cheese cream with nuts 50 gr.
The filling of mackerel 60 gr.
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For the dish, short-fruited cucumbers with spines are needed. Peel the skin using the economy. Remove seeds with a small spoon. Soak the cucumbers for a few minutes in lemon juice with salt. 
The avocado cream.
Crush the soft part of the avocado with vegetable oil, chili, lime juice, and lemon balm. RUB through a fine sieve. The consistency of the cream. Bring to taste with salt and pepper mixture.  
The filling of mackerel.
Smoke the mackerel at 60C* until ready. Remove the skin, bones, and cut into 4 mm cubes. Add finely chopped red salad onions and coriander. Season with lime juice and sunflower oil.
Cheese cream with nuts.
Mix soft cheese with roasted walnuts.  Squeeze out of a pastry bag instead of cucumber seeds. Carefully lay out the mackerel filling.
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