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Roman Trusov
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Cucumber ice with shrimp and scallops.


Cucumber consommé 100gr.
15g dried tomatoes.
30g black olives.
Shrimp 40gr.
Scallop 40gr.
Lemon 30g.
Cucumber 10g.
Flowers mikrozelen


First of all, I want to mention in this dish feed. The waiter pours liquid nitrogen at the guest. Freshness cucumber odor prevails and acts on receptors as freshener. Ice can be eaten, I will say more - it is delicious! Recipe cucumber ice. During the season sometimes cucumbers are not worth virtually nothing. With the help of juicers squeeze the juice. A little heat, bring to taste with salt, pepper, a little mint. By increasing the temperature begins to break. At this point you need to take off our fresh cucumber. Not talking, neatly divided layers and bleached filter part with a paper towel. Freeze. Grind in the cutter, freeze. If there is something in the kitchen pakodzhet is what you need! Scallops and shrimp serve hot. The contrast of temperatures, different consistency, fresh scent - give this dish a certain charm.
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