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Roman Trusov
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Pâté with olives broccoli and shrimp.


150g broccoli.
33% Cream 30g.
Olives 100g.
Shrimp 1pc.
Carrot chips 2pcs.
Wine Masandra 20g.
Agar agar 1g.
30g basil.
Gelatin 5g.


Boil broccoli in cream and season with salt and pepper. Grind adding gelatin. Fill the form. Cool. Basil chop in fish broth, strain, add gelatin. In the form of cuts to make, pour basil squeeze. Cool. Olives grind in a blender, dried in the silicone mat at 70 ° C *. Ezhё just grind, season with olive oil blueberry fresh juice, bring to taste with spices. Wine bring to a boil, add the agar, pour into a cocktail straw. Shrimp salt, pepper and fry. Garnish with chips, basil leaves.
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