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Quail with watermelon jelly and pear tomlёnoy


Quail 0.5sht. Mustard 5g. Honey 5g. Vegetable oil 10g. Salt, pepper 1 g. Pear 80g. White wine 15g. nutmeg pepper rose Watermelon 20g. Lolo Rosso 2g. Sour cream 10g. Red smotrodina 8gryu. Land of olives 2g. Mikrozelen, flowers 1g gelatin. Tarragon 1g.


Quail marinated with mustard, honey, oil. Evacuate to cook for a couple of 13min at 80 ° C *. Fresh watermelon slightly warm add the soaked gelatine, tarragon. Fill the form. Evacuate pear with wine, nutmeg, pepper rose. Boil until tender. Decorate.
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