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Bird with slices of watermelon and basil gel


Quail 0.5sht. Chicken fillet 20g. Transglutaminase 1g. Watermelon 100g. Watermelon gel 5g. Basil gel 5g. Balsamic Cream 5g Flowers, mikrozelen Pine nuts 5g. gold food Salt and pepper


Gluing meat. Transglutaminase - this enzyme acts exclusively on proteins by catalyzing the reaction of formation of specific isopeptide bond. Fillet quail little incision, slice chicken slightly repelled. Season with salt and sprinkle with transglutaminase. Connect so that was a slice of chicken in the center. Evacuate. Writing a soak in the refrigerator for 8 hours. Inactivation transglutaminase occurs at different rates depending on the temperature, at a temperature of 72-75 ° C occurs within 5-10 minutes, then the product from leaving only peptide bonds. Cooking at 80 ° C * for 13 minutes in the steam. Fillet watermelon strongly evacuate. In this case, the molecules broken shell, the product becomes redder, the structure. Cut into slices. Basil gel. Apple juice, pine nuts, basil, xanthan gum. Watermelon gel. Fresh watermelon, xanthan gum.
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